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Pre-order frequently asked questions

Manufacturers or distributors of collectible toys have been practicing pre-order. Hence to ensure you to secure your desired product before it is sold out, we encourage you to pre-order the item by paying an amount of payment
When we take pre-order deposit from you, this also mean a confirmed order unless the product is having unusual demand hence causing shortage in allocation by the manufacturer / distributor. In this scenario the priority will be on first come first serve basics, order that failed to be fulfilled will be refunded entirely. Pre-order ensures you in getting better deal as you will get to purchase the products at prevailing price during the time of pre-order.

We had several types of pre-order terminology defined for different types of scenarios:-
Pre-order due date: yyyy/mm/dd: This product is on pre-order with the indication of order taking due date, normally the pre-order happen before the release date of the product, you may place pre-order before the due date stated.
Pre-order due date: While Stocks Last: The product is available for pre-order without a pre-order due date.
Tentative Pre-order: The pre-order due date has already passed or the product has been released, we have to check with our suppliers if the product is still available to order. It might take few weeks to check for the availability because the suppliers may have to re-order the item from the manufacturer. If the product is no longer available, your order will be canceled and you will be refunded.
Restock Pre-order: This product is not in stock but it's possible to order from supplier. It can take few weeks to arrive and if the product is no-longer available your order will be canceled and you will be refunded.

Q: What happens if I decided not to purchase the item after putting a pre-order deposit
Pre-order is a commitment between us and the buyer. We reserve the rights to decide if the cancellation is eligible for a refund.

Q: Is there a time frame to make the remaining payment when my order come in stock
Yes, we suggest you to make your payment as soon as we notify you to make the remaining balance. Please take note that you are expected to make the payment within 7 days from the notification.

Q: What happened if the manufacturer / distributor decided to stop production or deduce the allocation and it has impacted my pre-order? We will issue you a FULL refund through the original payment channel that you have made the payment.

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